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Commercial Insurance

With protection comes peace of mind for all business owners.
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Personal Insurance

Coverage for individuals and families that help cover large costsCover Me

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Turbulent times require that we all have some level of assurance.
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Employee Benefits

Protect your greatest asset, your workforce, your employees.
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S. L. Nusbaum Insurance Agency, Inc.

One of the delights of life is its infinite variety. At any second of any day there is something new and something amazing happening. But the price of living in a constantly changing world is that bad things happen, as well as good. Accidents occur, storms strike, people get ill or life simply takes a path you were not expecting.

Well, while we can’t predict what will happen in our lives, we can at least, expect the unexpected and be prepared by insuring ourselves.

And, while insurance of any type is the one thing that you pay for that you hope not to use, it does at least buy you that most valuable of all commodities – peace of mind.

They’re your dreams, we just help you to sleep at night

Peace of mind does come with its own particular bureaucracy however. There are forms to fill in, surveys to do and more than a little jargon. But S.L. Nusbaum’s experts are on hand to help.