Commercial Insurance

For over 60 years, S.L. Nusbaum has provided insurance and advice to small and mid-sized companies. We’ve enjoyed watching some of our clients grow from a one man operation into multi-million dollar successes with vast footprints, and hundreds of employees; and we’re proud to have been their partner all along the way, through good times and bad, booming economies, and deep recessions. It sounds cliché, but we really do treat our clients like family – it’s what separates us from other agencies, and keeps the referrals coming in. We serve many different industry segments, and each has its own unique approach to risk management. Below are just a few industries we serve. Click on the title for a brief explanation.

One of the most unpredictable threats to business owners today is that of a cyber-attack on their company. Experts now say that it is not “if” a cyber-attack will impact one’s business, but “when”. Some attacks result in the theft of money or sensitive/valuable information that can be sold on the black market. Others, called ransomware, are designed to freeze or cripple a company’s entire operating system, holding it hostage.

Our carriers have responded to this threat by offering a wide range of coverages that will provide everything from defense in the case of a lawsuit brought against your company, to business income coverage for lost revenue from a cyber-attack, and coverage for first party costs associated with a security breach and notifying affected individuals. Many carriers offer risk management services as well that will help your company protect itself from cyber-attacks.

In addition, our agency has strong relationships with local, top-tier cyber-security experts and legal professionals that can offer risk assessments, penetration tests, and a host of other related services to help protect your company, or quickly respond to an attack.

A solid and comprehensive insurance program is one of the most important aspects to any business, but is particularly critical to those companies involved in the construction industry. Higher hazard exposures require constant training and retraining to maintain a safe environment. We can help provide learning material and advice from industry experts to be shared with your employees to reduce the likelihood of injury or property damage. We all share a common goal to reduce or eliminate Liability and Workers Comp claims, and maintain a low Experience MOD to keep your costs as low as possible. For general contractors and sub-contractors, we routinely partner with our carriers to review contracts, ensuring our client has contractually reduced his/her risk to the fullest extent possible. We also have strong bonding capabilities for construction projects requiring performance bonds.

Proximity to the port and waterfront facilities offer many opportunities for local companies, but such opportunities often dictate compliance with certain laws such as United States Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (USL&H). Certain liability exposures exist that are often excluded from standard liability policies. Marine General Liability, and Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability are examples of what you should be considering if you work in this industry. Additionally, some operations may require a Pollution or Environmental policy. We can help explain and properly cover these exposures, whether large or small. If the extent of your involvement with the port is just shipping products or materials in or out of the country, we can easily build a Cargo Insurance policy into your program to protect your goods while in transit around the world.

It’s no secret that the Federal Government is a major economic driver in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the Hampton Roads region in particular. Entering into contracts with various segments of the US Government often requires special coverages and limits. Complying with the Defense Base Act, or covering your employees while in foreign countries, among many other potential needs, requires a clear understanding of the unique exposures presented by working with the Government and access to the right coverages. There are many other considerations to take into account, and we often guide our clients through this process to make sure their specific needs are met.

From small gift shops, to a multi-location restaurant chain, or a regional wholesale distributor with large warehouses, we’ve got the experience and access to competitive markets that understand and offer a variety of liability and property insurance products in a complete, competitive package. Including, but not limited to, Business Income, Employee Theft (Crime) coverage, Data Breach/Cyber Liability, Employment Practices Liability (EPL), and many other coverages that may pertain to your specific business.

Manufacturers represent a very different host of exposures than a typical business. Equipment Breakdown is a critical component of any manufacturer’s insurance coverage. This should extend to loss of income, and much of the company’s building and property values. Depending on the circumstances, some manufacturers can also obtain coverage for certain disruptions in their material supply chain, and/or power, water, and communications service. Product Liability must be in place to protect the company from lawsuits arising from what they manufacture. Likewise, a Product Recall policy can help to mitigate the costs of having to track down the location of distributed products, and pay to have them returned to the manufacturer.

With sustained growth in the Human Health Care Services industry, our insurance carriers are offering competitive solutions, with unique coverages that extend well beyond General Liability, and Commercial Auto Liability. Paratransit providers, and home health care services both have a high exposure to lawsuits stemming from allegations of abuse and molestation. Private clinics and doctors’ offices maintain records for long periods of time that contain private and very sensitive information. This information is a high value target for cyber criminals. A robust Cyber Liability policy will help protect your organization from lawsuits arising from the theft of this information.

For decades, one of our agency’s strengths has been insuring schools, religious institutions, and non-profits. There are professional coverages for educators and counselors, and specific liability policies, such as School Board Legal Liability, Abuse and Molestation coverage, Directors & Officers coverage, and Cyber Liability. All of which are designed to dovetail together, and provide the best possible protection for the boards, administrators, faculty/staff, and students/patrons of these organizations.

Many of our clients provide professional services to the public. Service based industries often have a much lower exposure to property damage or bodily injury due to their negligence. However, they are not immune from making mistakes, and they may unintentionally cause financial damage to their clients, resulting in a lawsuit. These companies benefit from the protection of a Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions policy. Examples of some of the many industries we serve by providing such policies are: Information Technology, Accounting / Book Keeping, Counseling, Attorney / Law Firm, Real Estate, Financial / Business Management, Logistics, Printing / Publishing, Architecture, Construction Management, Environmental, and a variety of other miscellaneous segments.