Client Testimonials Comments Received by The City of Norfolk

‘Susan - we did the same on the 700 block of Westover. The policy price for those of us in the 500 year floodplain (Zone X shaded) is very reasonable. FYI...We worked with Megan Paradis at Nusbaum Insurance for our policy because our Homeowners' Insurance Company (Erie) does not offer coverage. She was totally great to work with on the insurance and enjoyable to talk with.’

‘I would like to second the recommendation of Megan Paradis at Nusbaum, who we learned of through Gaye Deal at Nancy Chandler. Through her knowledge of policy options, she saved us thousands on our flood insurance policy. I thought State Farm's local agent had my best interests at heart but in spite of specific questions on ways to reduce my premium, the costs continued to jump year after year. Armed with an Elevation Survey, the option of changing deductible, and someone who knew the correct way to write the policy, the premium dropped from $2500 a year to $1400 (and with the max deductible would've dropped below $1K). If anyone can help with flood insurance, it's Megan!’

‘I also give thumbs up to Megan - when I contacted USAA when we were buying in Lochhaven they really seemed unsure of the process and their quote was much higher which it shouldn't be since it is set by FEMA’