Bond insurance is a way of assuring your investors that your bonds can be trusted, and in these turbulent times, we all need a little assurance. Policies guarantee the scheduled repayment of principal interest payments to holders in case of a default. They also cover you in the case that contractors fail to fulfill obligations or you have to take any legal action. Bond insurance helps to ensure that your company keeps its all important AAA rating and is secure against financial loss.

Our bond policies include:

  • Court - Help to cover you in the case of legal fees or litigation.
  • Contract Insurance - To cover you in case a contractor fails to perform according to a contact. You are insured to the limit of the bond.
  • Fidelity - Coverage of losses attributed to fraudulent acts by individuals, such as employees.
  • Surety - Covers any debt obligations in case a borrower defaults.
  • Fiduciary - Provides insurance against possible fraud or embezzlement by an appointed fiduciary.